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Summer Art Show and Sale

July 2, 2019 - September 20, 2019

Art at the Institute is pleased to announce the 2019 Summer Art Show and Sale, a group selling exhibition curated by Walter Hoydysh, Ph.D. that opens on July 2 in our New York gallery. This dynamic selection of paintings selected for the exhibition featuring works by Vasyl Bazhaj, Sergei Belik, Oleh Denysenko, Serhiy Hai, Valeriy Hnatenko, Ilona Sochynsky, Dmytro Krasnyi, Ganna Kryvolap, Roman Luchuk, Ivan Marchuk, Les Panchyshyn, Roman Romanyshyn, Polina Shcherbyna, Temo Svirely, Tanya Vasylenko, and Max Vityk. The exhibition continues through September 20, 2019.

Vasyl Bazhaj, born in Lviv in 1950, defined his artistic style in the late 1980s when the reins of government censorship loosened and painting provided him a venue for a furious offensive against the system. He graduated from State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art. He is head of the Conceptual Art Department at the Lviv Union of Artists along with being a member of the board of the Lviv Union of Artists, both located in Lviv, Ukraine where he lives and works.

Sergei Belik was born in Odesa, Ukraine in 1953, Belik holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Hrekov College of Art in Odesa and a Master of Fine Arts from the prestigious Mukhina Higher College of Art and Design (now the Mukhina State Academy of Art and Design) in St. Petersburg. Belik has exhibited internationally and is held in many private and public collections. The artist resides and works in Odesa, Ukraine.

Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Oleg Denysenko concentrated in graphics while studying at the National Academy of Printing (Lviv). He holds over thirty international honors for printmaking, including Grand Prize of the 9th Mondial Triennale for Small Prints (2014) in Chamalieres, France. Recent participation in other comprehensive print expositions include the International Triennial of Small Graphic Art, Łódź, Poland, “Global Matrix VI” International Printmaking Exhibition, Purdue University Galleries, and the 10th International Biennial of Modern Printmaking, Trois-Rivières, Quebec. He is an active member of the Union of Ukrainian Artists and the Academic Senate of the International Academy of Modern Art (Rome). Oleh Denysenko lives and works in Lviv.

Serhiy Hai was born in Lviv, Ukraine. In 1986, he graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art. He is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The artist has participated in exhibitions throughout Ukraine, Austria, Denmark, England, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States. He lives and works in Lviv.

Valeriy Hnatenko (1947–1987) is recognized as an artist’s artist whose highly personal paintings and drawings reflected his commitment to naturalism as a subject, his complex involvement with the art of the past, topical cultural and humanistic concerns, and with his own Ukrainian identity.

At a time when it was unfashionable, painter, draftsman, art restorer and teacher, Hnatenko persisted in being a portraitist, landscape and still-life painter. While fully engrossed in the Lviv art and cultural scene of the 1970s and 80s and connected with its innovators, Hnatenko remained steadfast in his choice of style and subject matter, unswayed by Western art world tenets that favored abstraction and minimalism. He made representative work — astutely observing that which was immediate and dear to him — that challenged and pleased him, regardless of what anyone thought.

While in his prime as an artist, husband and father, Hnatenko’s core being was marred by his misdiagnosed illness to which he eventually succumbed. When Soviet authorities again began intimidating and tormenting Ukraine’s cultural and intellectual leaders in the early 1970s, the artist found himself in a position to testify against his wife and colleagues for alleged violations against the state. As he refused to do so, he was deprived of his teaching and professional activities.

Hnatenko treated his art as a determined meditation on the ultimate meaning of human existence. He took seriously the act of concentrating on and thinking about all things in themselves and in relation to each other in order to become “one who could see.” Perhaps, he might agree, the message is more simple-minded than that — it is about looking long and thinking hard about the gift of the world.

A graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Ganna Kryvolap actively participates in gallery exhibitions and fairs in Ukraine and abroad. Her works are found in the American Embassies Collection, National Museum in Zaporizhia (Ukraine), MOYA/Museum of Young Art, Vienna, as well as private collections in Europe and the US. Ms. Kryvolap currently lives and works in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Dmytro Krasnyi was born in 1985 in the city of Makarov, Kyiv region, Ukraine. He began to work as a graphic artist at the age of 20, studied at workshops of various artists of Kyiv. In his artistic practice, he connects and combines various techniques of printmaking – etching, linocut, silk screen printing, lithography. Dmytro had more than a dozen personal exhibitions in Ukraine, as well as participated in group exhibitions of graphics in Denmark and Poland. At present, he studies at the Academy of Arts in Poznan, Poland.

Roman Luchuk was born in Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in western Ukraine. He studied painting at the Kosiv College of Applied and Decorative Art and interior design at the Lviv National Academy of Art. His paintings have been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Ukraine. Mr. Luchuk lives and works in Kosiv, where he also teaches painting at the Kosiv regional branch of the Lviv National Academy of Art.

Ivan Marchuk was born in 1936 in Moskalivka, Volhyn region of northwestern Ukraine. He graduated from the Ivan Trush Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art (Lviv, Ukraine). He began exhibiting in Moscow in 1979 and Kyiv in 1980. After the 1986 Chornobyl nuclear plant disaster, Marchuk created nightmarish compositions depicting the total destruction of the planet. Until 1988, he was denied membership in the Union of Artists of Ukraine because his themes and style did not conform to the officially prescribed socialist realism. Persecuted by then Soviet authorities, he left the USSR for Australia in 1989, before living in the US and Canada.

In 1996, Marchuk’s series of paintings “Shevchenkiana” and “Voice of My Soul” won him the Shevchenko National Prize, the highest state prize of Ukraine for works of culture and the arts. He eventually returned to permanently settle in Ukraine in 2001. His works have been exhibited in Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and the US. Ivan Marchuk lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine

Les Panchyshyn was born in Novy Rosdil (Ukraine) and later moved to L’viv where in 2015 he graduated with honors from L’viv Academy of Arts, and received a master’s degree in Ceramics. As a photographer and video director he collaborated with a lot of well-known Ukrainian music bands such as Pikkardiyska Tersiya, Komu Vnyz, Panchyshyn, Antytila, Vivienne Mort, and Rock-H. Panchyshyn gained his reputation as one of the most progressive young West-Ukrainian artist after his numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Roman Romanyshyn is a graduate of the Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts. Besides printmaking, he is also engaged in illustration, painting, and sculpture. His graphic works are widely exhibited and collected throughout Europe, and have won international awards for printmaking, among them, the 14th Mini Print International, Barcelona (Spain), 9th International Miniature Print Exhibition, Seoul (South Korea), 4th International Painting Biennial of the Carpathian Euroregion, Przemysl (Poland). He lives and works in Lviv.

Polina Shcherbyna was born in Kyiv (Ukraine) in 1993. Graduated with MFA from the National Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts. Works with such meadia as painting, photo and video. In her works she discovers themes of internal and external conflicts of a person, the re-measurement of the acquired and the perceived reproducing in the surrounding world. Her works have been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Ukraine, Czech Republic and the USA.

Ilona Sochynsky is a prolific fine artist, graphic designer, and educator. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from Yale Sochynsky has been exhibiting her works in a multiplicity of media since the early 1980’s in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Maryland and Rhode Island. She successfully ran a graphic design firm, Ilona Sochynsky Associates until 1979, at which time she decided to devote energies to painting full time. Her initial paintings of this period address the concerns of Pop Art and Photorealism, particularly the work of James Rosenquist. By the mid-1980s, she shifted towards more internalized personal concerns integrating relationships, pop culture, into images with psychological and emotional intensity. In the 1990s, she turned towards formalism, exploring color and design elements, often in works made up of small-scale canvases. Of late, these interests have become manifest in large-scale, shaped canvasses, which are almost playful in their vibrant colors.

Spanning a career of over forty years, she has exhibited widely in the U.S. and abroad. Her most recent exhibits include the current one at the Ukrainian Institute, Viewpoints at Windham Fine Arts, NY, Flying Colors at Zorya Fine Arts, CT, and Fugues: A Solo exhibit by Ilona Sochynsky at Kaaterskill Fine Arts Gallery, NY.

Temo Svirely, born 1964 in Zhinvali, Republic of Georgia. Graduated from the Zhinvali Art school, the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts (1998-1992). Temo is a member of the International Federation of Artist of Russia (from 1993). Member of the International Federation of Artist of Georgia (from 1998). Member of BGart (from 2000). Temo Svirely died in Kyiv in 2011.

Tanya Vasylenko graduated from Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design named after Mychailo Boichuk, in 1997. Tanya works in own painting technique that can be called “volumetric painting.” Artworks of Tanya are in private collections in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait, Russia, Ukraine. She is a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Currently works and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Max Vityk began painting in the late 1990s, after earning a doctorate in Earth Sciences. He has lived, worked and exhibited in the United States, Ukraine, and The Netherlands, and since 2015, lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Vityk’s artworks can be found in private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide.

Summer Art Show and Sale


July 2, 2019
September 20, 2019
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