From time to time, the Ukrainian Institute of America (the “Institute”) rents its facilities to independent organizations, including film production companies, in order to provide funds without which we cannot maintain our landmark building and fulfill our mission.*

On November 2, 2018, a major U.S. television network rented the building as a filming location for a crime-fighting TV series.  During the rental, the Russian flag was raised on the building’s exterior for a portion of a film shoot.

I accept full responsibility for the decisions that led up to this incident.

The event is contrary to the core values of the UIA, and it deeply offended members of our Board, Membership and the extended community.   Please accept my sincere apologies for allowing this to occur.

We are in the process of implementing procedures to ensure that a situation like this will never occur again in the future.

Daniel G. Swistel


Ukrainian Institute of America


* Mission.  The fundamental purpose of the Ukrainian Institute of America is to develop and promote through educational, professional and social activities a greater awareness, understanding, knowledge and appreciation in the United States of the traditional and contemporary art, literature, music, culture, history and traditions of Ukraine, as revealed through its people, both in Ukraine and abroad.  The Ukrainian Institute of America strives to strengthen the identity and community of individuals of Ukrainian descent by organizing exhibits, concerts, conferences, symposia and other educational, scholarship and professional activities.

Regarding the display of the Russian flag at the Ukrainian Institute