Lubomyr Kuzma

Retrospective Art Exhibition

Tempera and encaustic paintings

June 13 - July 20, 2003

Gallery Hours 12-6pm Tues-Sunday

Lubomyr Kuzma works in the genre of still life, landscape, portrait and composition, as well as with figures in the medium of tempera and encaustica. Still life is the artist's leading genre. He expertly composes and places pumpkins of various forms and colors together with other fruits and vegetables. He does the same with pitchers, bottles, leaves and other objects. At first glance one feels an influence from the style of Dutch still life from the age of the Baroque. Especially so in the portrayal of the convexity of form, in the representative presentation of fruits, in the detailed showing of a reflection on object, so that one is almost driven to reach in and grasp each of the objects in the still life. Yet the essence and style can be diverse and different.

Dutch still life paintings from the age of the Baroque are a reflection of the period when Holland gained its independence from Spain and when the Dutch artists strove to show off their gain and wealth through their portrayal of objects. These works show in the main exotic fruits from the south, fruits not found in the north. Kuzma, on the other hand, presents the viewer with fruits and vegetables that can be bought from farmers close to Tannersville. He makes obvious his own affection for the gifts of nature so close at hand and opens up this feeling within each viewer. His color palette is restrained, there are no harsh contrasts, no expression. He aims to show objects as they are, quietly, without exaltation. In addition Kuzma reaches for different goals in some other paintings. Some of them combine objects of a different nature - such as bottle, a wineglass, peaches, an alarm clock and a Siamese cat. Here he searches for a connection between the objects and life - how these correlate, interplay and integrate into one. Wadym Lesych, who had known the artist and his work during the 1960's, wrote at that time, stating that some of Kuzma's paintings hold a certain surrealistic feeling concerning the world, and that others have much in common with Andrew Wyeth's neorealistic style. Many of Mr. Kuzma's works have this special intuitive atmosphere of the uncommon and the unusual, with an inner tension conveying a place of being beyond those objects shown and seen.

The opening reception will take place from 6-9 pm on Friday, June 13 at the Ukrainian Institute of America at 2 East 79th Street, New York City. For further information please call 212-288-8660 or visit our website at